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When Feeling Crabby, What Choice Do You Make?

There’s something about being human that involves crabby

moments. Yes, we are in charge of our moods and responses

and actions and yes, sometimes we are crabby. The good news

about this, in a reframe sort of a way, is that you also

always have a choice. We in lifestylecatalyst land (yes, as

coaches we facilitate change whether you lingering in the

sunshine in a spa setting, frustrated at the office desk, or

ready to create your new action plan) learned to let the

onslaught of crabbiness become a guide to pause, breathe,

take inventory and redirect our attention. That amazingly

helpful choice then causes our energy and focus to shift and

we very quickly get over our crabbiness. Try it – it really

works. That’s why we lifestyle catalysts write about it–it


Do you remember that you are in charge of your response to

every situation that appears? Do you take time to pause,

breathe, and reflect before reacting? Do you know that

there is no such thing as a victim attitude unless you

decide to adopt it? You get to choose and you get to decide

if or when and/or how to respond to everything.

So, the answer to why write about crabby is that this is

really about making choices:

oBreathe with precision (inhale 4 counts, exhale 8 counts)

oDecide where to put your attention (on the jerk or on the

fact that you are grateful)

oFocus upon what works (do you see an immediate solution or

do you need to ponder)

oDirect your energy to the solution side of things (be

creative & invent some ridiculous solutions just to let your

crabbiness have a voice)

oTake the talk for a walk

oHold the kitty

oSet the timer and sit in the sunshine for ten minutes

appreciating what you see

oChoose not to take another’s opinion personally (read The

Four Agreements)

oRemember that the choice is always yours and you can

connect to your inner wisdom, power and creative voice to

respond to whatever comes your way.

oTake a nap

oDrink water

oJump rope

Consider planning a relaxing spa vacation. It might


oAqua aerobics

Aerobic exercises performed in a pool — The buoyancy of the

water greatly reduces the chance of injuring joints or


oBody conditioning

Any exercise program that focuses on overall conditioning of

the body usually combining exercises for strength and


oDetoxification (detox)

Cleansing the body of poisons or toxins that may have

accumulated through addictive habits. (yes, more water



where they scrub (gently) to slough the top

layer of dead skin cells off the face or body using a dry

brush, loofah, salt or sugar. Kris taught Leslie the beauty

of this.

oHatha yoga…

devoted to the physical processes (as opposed to

others that focus on wisdom, meditation, service, etc.)

involving breathing and physical exercises. (Yes, we mention

this one & know that there are many types of physical


oLabyrinth walking (Leslie and Kris both enjoy this)

Following a man-made, path (traced on the ground, as in

cathedrals, or constructed in garden) to meditate, focus,

and calm the mind. Different from a maze, the path follows a

number of circuits to the center of a circle and back out.

oPilates (Kris is a regular)

Body conditioning program

developed by Joseph Pilates meant to develop flexibility and

strength without building mass via a system of controlled

movements and specially designed exercise equipment.

oTai chi

One of Leslie’s favorites to do en masse, this

Chinese martial art uses forms, stylized gestures regulated

by deep breathing, and the movement of the diaphragm to

unite body and mind in order to achieve mental clarity,

balance, and improved circulation.

And the best news about these spa details is that you can find them at home also. Make the most of the moments you

have to support decisions that result in what’s positive,

even if it takes a moment of crabby to point the way. Email

us with your crabbiness remedies; we’d love to continue this


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