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Festive Tough Love

Today, I want to get serious.

It’s important, it could save a life.

Unusual for me, I know, because normally I’m not a serious type of person. And there is no specific Call to Action because the whole thing is a Call to Action

Today I want to talk about tough love.

Tough love what is it? Tough love is that responsibility we take for our actions no matter the consequences knowing that we could help or protect someone else in the process and also knowing that it could greatly inconvenience us. Its being responsible to yourself for the protection of or to help others move forward in their life. Or if you’d like the Wikipedia definition it’s when:

“Someone treats another person harshly or sternly with the intent to help them in the long run”.

Perhaps the best example is the parent with a drug addicted teenager taking very strong measures to help that child overcome their habit. This could include, locking the child out of home and not giving them any money for their habit. As you can see tough love is not only tough for the ‘other’ person, it’s also tough for you as the care giver as well.

Some months ago I had to be tough to my daughter with some emotional things she had going on, I found it just as hard (if not harder) than she did and I knew the emotional things she was going through were things she had to deal with and that when she did she would be stronger as a result of it.

Now I’ve explained what I mean by tough love, I want to talk about a particular instance which is very applicable to this festive time of the year.

I’m talking of drink driving.

What has this to do with tough love?


Because a great example of tough love is not allowing your friend to drive home when he or she has had too much alcohol or is affected by drugs.

Tough love is when you crash tackle your mate to take his keys off him, you call him a taxi, give the taxi driver some money to take your friend home. Yes, your friend will abuse and curse you!

Tough love is when you do this anyway because you love this person and you don’t want them harmed and more importantly, you don’t want your friend to harm anyone else. This is what real friends do.

And what if that ‘friend’ continues to abuse you afterward. After they have sobered up? Are they really a loving friend? Are they worth having as a friend? Clearly, they wouldn’t return the favour if you had drunk a bit too much.

You see, we spend all our time saying to ourselves and others, “There was nothing I could do”, when in fact there was something you could do, you could take responsibility to protect others.

And that’s tough love.

And this is my tough love to you because I care for you.

Have the best outstanding day,

PS If I’m out with you over the festive season and I think you’ve had too much to drink, expect me to ask for your keys, and if you don’t give them to me, expect to be crash tackled.

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