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Does Not Wishing to Talk to People Mean You Are Introverted?

The other day, I was at a well-to-do shindig, one hell of a nice party, amazing food and drinks. I noted someone by himself holding up a glass of wine looking out at the view. I wanted to get away from all the free-loaders, noise and meaningless chit-chat. It turns out the guy was a quite successful engineer running a $200 million high-tech company working on some great stuff, cutting edge – we talked for several hours. Someone came up to me later and the hosts of the party were shocked because he hardly talks to anyone.

Interesting, but not surprising, he’s super intelligent and probably hates parties where people talk about garbage and nonsense. They assumed he was an introvert, and he might be, but didn’t seem to be to me. Just because someone doesn’t want to people doesn’t mean they are an introvert or not intelligent. Hell, I can talk to a moron for 15 minutes too, trying to get some interesting insight from them, does that make me an extrovert or am I just studying humans in their natural habitat, as I hinted at above?

One last point, not all extroverts are stupid just because they engage in “how’s the friggin weather talk” or “how about those Yankees” for openers, some have just learned to deal with that, and move the conversation to a higher level. Just like just because someone sits there and says nothing doesn’t mean they are stupid either, they might be so smart, they just have nothing to say to the chimpanzee that hollers “howdy” at them, or want to spend the time to find out if there is something worthy in that cranial capacity. Another thought.

Lately the theme of introversion being not a defect but a good quality has crossed my path about 5 times. Ever notice how life seems to come and go in themes? I wonder if this is because I have noticed the introversion dialogue more and am pursuing it or if somehow topics come into a person’s life in the right time in a certain order for whatever reason. I suppose the answer to that dwells in your spiritual beliefs on life. Personally, I think there is a Renaissance of this topic because introverts are getting tired of the force social networking to which they care not to participate, and are not into all this group think or being shot down when they present a good idea. Please consider all this and think on it.

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