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Are You Living Your True “Authentic Self”?

Let me ask you a question…

Are you surrounding yourself with the right kinds of people?

One thing I’ve learned in business and in life is that it’s vital to my success as a person and a business owner to only keep company or surround myself with people who are good for me.

This has a lot to do with marketing too if you think about it because it comes back to your target market – who is that ideal type of customer that you want to work with? A few of you might not be able to control those who you work with and those you don’t however I hope that most of us can. But do you choose wisely? Or do you follow the greed; greed for the next sale or the money that will come in with every new client and what that money will be able to bring you – luxuries, commodities, basic necessities, etc.

I’m suggesting that in order to be really fulfilled in life and to feel like you are well balanced and highly successful that you have to sometimes make hard choices.

—- To work with someone or not.

—- To live or stay with someone or not.

—- To associate yourself with someone or not.

You do have a choice.

If you believe like I do that “It will all work out in the end”, then you can empower yourself to make the choices that are right for you.

For example: Have you ever gotten that feeling in the pit of your stomach that something wasn’t totally right when you spoke to a potential client or prospect? Or even when you talk with a friend or family member maybe too – those are the hardest relationships to work through this with.

Why do you think you feel that way?

I believe it’s because you know they could potentially be somewhat toxic for you to work with or be around. What do you think?

It really is OK to NOT work with someone if it doesn’t feel right you know. There are others out there that will meet that person’s needs, you don’t have to. And is the money you’ll gain from that sale or customer really worth the negativity you might have to endure, the extra energy you might have to exude or just the life draining feeling that will pull from you so you won’t fully be able to be your “authentic self”?

I encourage you to take a look at your client base and even your friends and family to see where there might be some toxic activity leaking into your brain, yourself and your business. Then I urge you to make some changes and free yourself because when you do, you will begin to attract what is really good for you and your business.

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